The Thornes of the Rose

The Thornes of the Rose


The Thornes of the Rose, commonly referred to as simply “The Thornes” are an organization of freedom fighters operating within Skyscrape, attempting to free it from the oppression of its corruption.


Rumors are all that is known about the origins of the Thornes, but all find their roots in the mysterious figure known as Silas. Very few know of who he is, but many claim that he was a simple citizen of the City before he lost it all to the corrupt politicians of the city, while the more righteous of his followers whisper that he was once an official himself, a powerful deputy head of office who became disenchanted with the state of affairs in the City and left to cause “real” change. However, it IS known that the Thornes are an organization, under the self-description of freedom fighters, who take on jobs and tasks that undermine the political authority of the city.


As a group of freedom fighters, the Thornes use the loosest form of hierarchy they can get away with to keep themselves from falling apart, answering calls to arms only from Silas himself in the form of messages that are passed from member to member. No grunt truly knows who Silas is or what he looks like. However, their trust is one in the charismatic face of the band, Mathias, Journeyman of Selene, Goddess of Civilization.

The Thornes of the Rose

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