The City Watch


As a prestigious and essential part of the City’s peace, The City Watch has defended Skyscrape from invaders and hoodlums alike. They keep the peace of the streets and bring glory to the Forum of City by charismatically promoting the beliefs and ideals of democracy.


The City Watch was first founded in the 3rd year of Reconstruction, after the newly founded city experienced an uprising from the Kabbadon Elf minority. The City Forum, believing that the minority posed a dangerous threat to the peace, called for the construction of a general militia that was to act as both army and police force on the isle. From this need rose up The City Watch.


The hierarchy of this organization is strict and complex. Due to the semi-militaristic nature of their dealings, the guards, known by allies as Defenders and by enemies as Watchdogs, are organized into regiments of the same rank, with one member from each regiment (usually one of one higher rank) acting as the Caller for the group, reporting to his Caller as well as issuing orders. The lowest ranks of City Watch are just that: watchmen who patrol the streets and alert superior officers in times of need. Higher ranks have more responsibilities, such as breaking up disputes and defending the innocent.

Ranks and Duties

Each rank carries its own duties and responsibilities.

  • Watchmen
    The lowest rank in the guard, watchmen’s jobs are simple: walk the beat, and alert a superior if anything goes wrong. They are the armed practically, with short spears and bucklers, as well as with hand bells with which to call for aid.
  • Sergeant
    The next highest rank, Sergeants are the backbone of the force. They deal with all low levels of crimes, such as petty thefts and brawls. Segeants can usually be found inside the many watch towers scattered throughout the city, where they act as Callers to their understaff (regiment)
    -Sergeant is all the first rank at which a guard becomes eligible to gain the Caller Class. A Caller is the leader of a regiment of guards (5-10). They act as the liaison between the higher ranked officers and the watchmen, issuing orders to the latter and reporting instances to the former.


  • Captain
    As veterans of the streets, Captains move on to defend the infrastructure of the law. They are the guards who head investigations, as well as deal issues of more a complex legal nature, such as fraud. Due to the extensive knowledge of crime that a Captain must have, only the sharpest can attain this rank.


  • Honour Guard
    The paragon of service, only those who have started as a lowly watchman and earned each rank through hard work and dedication may attain the coveted title of Honour Guard. They have come full circle, and so take on the duties of every rank: they walk a beat as the watchmen, act as honorary Caller for every regiment, and can relieve any Captains heading investigations. They are also the only guards who carry the Right to Execution: the ability to to take a life without prior permission.
  • Deputy Head
    The Deputy Head (official title: Deputy Head of Section: Law Enforcement) is the senior most adviser to force. The rank carries with it the duties of inducting worth watchmen into the ranks of officers and issuing orders to all regiments based on their current circumstances. The Deputy can normally be found in his office in The City Forum.
  • Head
    As the highest rank of the Law Enforcement section, the Head acts as liaison for the Law Enforcement section within the Senate, and therefore acts on their behalf in the decision making process, i.e. crafting/establishing laws.

Current Notable Officers (as of 373 AR)

The City Watch

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