Skyscrape: The City of Roses

Violations, Exceptions, and Invitations

Wherein our heroes discover that there are more forces at work in the City of Victory then they previously understood.

Skyscrape: a city of providence and possibilities. A city of glory and ill repute. It is here, on a midsummers day, that we set our scene…

Arriving off a boat from the mainland, Kade Thornrender and Starshrieker, knowing nothing of the other or about the circumstances that would bring them together, made their way into the market districts of the city for their own purposes.

Meanwhile, Lance Iomagard, a member of the City Watch holding the position of Honor Guard, walked his beat in an attempt to cleanse the streets of crime.

All of them were ambushed by unknown assailants, and after regaining consciousness, they found themselves in the wine cellar headquarters of The Bloody Brothers. Forced to fight to the death for the amusement of the Brothers, the heroes, despite their predecessors failures, overwhelmingly succeeded, and won their freedom, as well as the attention of Mathias, Journeyman of Selene, Goddess of Civilization. Before leaving, they were confronted by the priest, who claimed to be acting as an envoy for The Thornes Of The Rose. Commenting of the usefulness of their talents that were displayed within the melee, Mathias, on behalf of Silas, the leader of the Thornes, invited them to join. Thornrender and Starshieker were quick to respond, while Lance was not. He confronted Mathias about his treachery, such as allowing the Bloody Brothers to exist when Mathias, an agent of office, had the means to depose of them. Mathias rebuked this assertion by claiming that the law was corrupt and that it must cleansed using the Thornes, challenging the Lance to confront his own position to find the truth of it.

And so he did. Lance, in a fit of denial, stormed the City Forum, seaking counsel with the Deputy Head of Law Enforcement. Upon his explanation, the Deputy Head stated that the Bloody Brothers were allowed to exist to maintain an enemy that the citizens may rally against. Lance, shocked by this revelation, left his duties, and, in a crisis of consciouness, agreed to give his answer regarding the invitation, to Silas.



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