Skyscrape: The City of Roses

The Depths of Loyalty

In which our heroes learn that not everything seeking to harm them is evil.

With the decision of a life-time hanging on the minds of our heroes, they quickly followed the trail of their contacts, leading them to an all but abandoned temple of Selene. There, they were greeted by Mathias, who asked for their answers. Receiving affirmation from all, he jovially welcomed them into the Thornes, stating that they would be contacted within the week.

During this time, each of the companions chose a different path. Lance Iomagard, interested in the organization, took refuge in the City Archives, looking for anything he could find about the nature of the shadowy organization. Kade Thornrender took a different approach, moving through the slums of the city offering small tokens of gratitude to those unfortunates who spoke to him about Silas. Finally, moving away from the issues of their bonding, Starshrieker took the opportunity to delve into the knowledge of those around him about an Orc from his past….

Eventually, the party regrouped upon contact from Mathias, leading them back to the abandoned temple. There, they met more eager recruits – Varik and Cavon – and were briefed on their 1st objective as Thornes: recovering a scroll claimed to have been written by the first mage himself, said to be lie in the tunnels carved underneath the City Archive. Gaining access to the tunnels found hidden in the staircase, the heroes pressed forward with no knowledge of which way was the right way. Eventually, after a grappling hook malfunction and a few bumps and bruises, the found themselves in the lair of giant spider. They were promptly attacked, but before any real damage could be dealt, Thornrender used his primal magic to converse with the arachnid, pleaing for peace. The spider accepted, on the condition that the heroes would slay the goblins that she had mistaken the party for; goblins who had taken refuge in her tunnels and presumably harmed her. Implying that she would give the party knowledge of the whereabouts of the scroll they sought, the spider sent them on their way, farther into the tunnels….



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